The 5th Management Council (MC) comprising a team of old and new Council Members took over the responsibility of managing The Sixth Avenue Residences on August 29, 2015. The MC has worked hard and continued with efforts passed down from the 1st Management Council to carry out the following tasks:
  • To select an efficient and effective managing agent for the estate
  • To engage a Service Provider to develop our own Portal integrated with a Facilities Booking System
  • To review and select the term contractors for various segments
  • To organize our 1st Residents' Day to promote the interaction and communication among our residents
  • To liaise with the Developer to rectify defects for the entire estate

The MC welcomes feedback from residents in all aspects and strongly urges all residents to play their part in keeping our environment clean, green and well-maintained for all to live in.

Our Mission and Vision
  • To create a friendly, harmonious and vibrant environment for residents
  • To reduce operating costs through prudent spending, while at the same time ensuring that the service level and general upkeep of the estate is not compromised
  • To maintain The Sixth Avenue Residences as a premium high end and prestigious condominium
  • To enhance our development and make it a safer, more secure and attractive place for all subsidiary proprietors and tenants to live and play in